10 Things Every Games Room Needs!

By | août 28, 2016


10 Things Every Games Room Needs!!

More and more families at present are putting up their own games room at home. Aside from reducing expenses from going to the arcade centre, it allows them to bond anytime they want.

However, having one or wanting to set one up means you have to decide which items and equipment you should invest in. You may be tempted to purchase a lot of gaming machines and miss out on the things that really make a games room functional.

So to help you decide, here are 10 of your game room must-haves!

1. Video Game Set

If you are a fan of modern gaming, a video or computer game set will serve as your game room’s highlight! You can either set up a computer gaming set or the newest gaming console. For the latter, you will also need to install a television or any other display media.


2. Gaming Chair

In order to get the best comfort when playing for a long period of time, you will need a reclining chair inside your games room. Most designs provide adequate cushion and lumbar support so you won’t hurt your back after playing for a long period.

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You can find a lot of designs in shops and online where you can choose from various colours, materials, and shapes based on your preference. You can also install more than one reclining chair if you plan on inviting a friend or two over for a gaming session.

3. Bar and Barstools

An ideal games room will not be complete without a bar and barstools! Whether you want a luxurious or simple atmosphere, a games room bar will allow you and your guests to chat and enjoy some drinks in between gaming sessions.

Your games room can also serve as a garden or home bar where you can gather and entertain your guests. Since it is basically a games room, it’s retro and fun feel will give them a great time.

If you want to consider putting up a garden bar, meanwhile, don’t forget to check out our list of amazing pub shed ideas!


4. Board & Card Games

Aside from being super fun, playing some challenging board and card games has been proven to increase brain function. Adding it into your games room and inviting family and friends to come and play will surely give you a great time.

If you want to shift from the common monopoly and chess games, you can opt for the modern Coup, Codenames, Flamme Rouge, Catan, and other latest board games.

5. Billiard Table

For being one of the most popular games among masses for a long time, a billiard table also falls on the list of your games room must-haves. Aside from your modern gaming equipment, a billiard table can be a stylish and fun addition to your games room.

Before purchasing one, however, you should first consider your available space. You can also opt for some designs that double as a table tennis board.


6. Dart Board

Get physically active every once in a while and enjoy a great darts game! To set up a dartboard in your games room, you can choose among the traditional types or the magnets and suction cups.

7. Arcade Machine

Adding a vintage vibe into your games room is best done with a classic arcade machine! There is nothing to worry about in terms of space and cost as you only need one solid unit for a totally retro feel. You can then enjoy your classic arcade games with friends and family any time you want.


8. Sound System

Listening to good-quality music creates a cheerful atmosphere to any space or activity. And, setting up a games room with a superb sound system will surely upgrade your gaming experience!

For this must-have item, you can install speakers with 2.1, 5.1, 7.1 or, 9.1 channels. You can also opt for modern wireless designs to reduce messy and tangled cords in the room.

9. Neon Signs

Though not part of any gaming equipment, you can achieve a retro vibe inside your games room through the use of a neon sign! It will provide a splash of brilliant colour into your gaming space for an exciting feel.

If you want to add a neon sign into your gaming room, make sure to dim your lighting to give emphasis to it.


10. Chalk Board

Don’t forget to keep track of everyone’s scores and record them using a chalkboard! Whatever the game is, you can make sure to note down every player’s score or rank if you have one in your games room.

Set up your games room now and experience a great time at the comfort of your own home! If you have no idea where to arrange one, consider installing a high-quality structure in your garden, which is perfect for an outdoor game room!


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