How to Paint Rattan Garden Furniture| Painting Outdoor Furniture

By | juin 30, 2019


How to Paint Rattan Garden Furniture| Painting Outdoor Furniture!

How to Paint Rattan Garden Furniture

Do you have rattan garden furniture that’s a little on the old side, or perhaps have bought some second-hand that could do with a little tender loving care?

The beauty of natural materials such as rattan is that they are hard-wearing, robust and built for the long-haul. Which means that, if they do start to look a little tired and worn, they can have the life breathed back quickly and easily through by a good paint job.

Let’s take a look at how painting your rattan garden furniture can give it a well-deserved second-wind.

Choose Your Colour

Deciding the colour that you want to paint your furniture will depend on a number of factors including personal preference, the surroundings and colour schemes of your garden, the theme you’re going for, and more practical issues such as availability.

Typically, rattan furniture tends towards the bold when it comes to colours, striking reds or maritime blues, for instance. Or perhaps that older, faded piece of furniture could be transformed by a brilliant white?

Painting your rattan in these bold, traditional colours can off-set for a touch of muted elegance by softer toned or patterned all-weather cushions.

Preparation Cleaning

Preparation Cleaning

Before you even consider applying that first coat of paint, you need to make sure that the furniture is clean. Older pieces are likely to have gathered some soilage over the years that you need to get rid of to ensure a perfect finish.

Remove any loose dirt and grime from all of the surfaces, using a soft brush (dustpan and brush works well). Be firm to ensure as much grime is lifted as possible. You might also want to use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to run over the furniture, especially getting into the nooks, crannies and harder to reach spots.

Finally, use a gentle sugar-soap solution and a damp cloth or sponge to wipe the entire piece down and let it thoroughly dry out.

Use an undercoat for your base

By applying an undercoat to your furniture you give yourself the best chance of getting the smooth and even final finish that you desire. It can also help cut down on the overall amount of paint you need to use on each piece of furniture.

Spray on primers are available to buy, however, you can get just as good a final result by applying a standard acrylic primer with a soft brush.

Spray Paint Works Best on Rattan Garden Furniture

To give your furniture an even, consistent and smooth finish we would recommend using a spray paint to carry out the task.

Don’t begin applying the spray paint until you are sure that the undercoat is completely dry.


Make sure that you are working in a very well-ventilated area to reduce the risk of inhalation.

The ideal scenario would be to carry out the paint job outdoors, in some protected space that’s not impacted by the wind.

Also, ensure that you protect your surroundings and floor area with sheets, putting the rattan furniture piece in the middle of the sheet.

The spray paint can then be applied to the furniture, using a slow, methodical sweeping motion over each part of the surface. For a more even finish, we’d suggest applying multiple light coats, as opposed to one thick covering, as this tends to ensure you don’t get unsightly drips running along the surfaces.

Allow drying time in between coats, following the paint manufacturers guidelines.

Drying Out

After you’re satisfied the final coat has been applied, leave the furniture to thoroughly dry (leave for 24 hours in a dry location).

Once fully dried, you have yourself a newly painted rattan garden furniture suite to enjoy for years to come.

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