Tower Playhouses | Wooden Tower Playhouses For Children

By | novembre 6, 2017


Tower Playhouses | Wooden Tower Playhouses For Children!

Outdoor Toys by Style

There are different styles of outdoor playhouses that kids will surely love. Depending on age, budget, and available space, you will surely end up with a great pick with this impressive range of playhouse collection from BillyOh.

First among many is our range of contemporary wendy playhouse designs. These stylish outdoor buildings for kids are spacious enough to let them recreate their fantasy houses.

Features of the wendy house include classic verandahs as well as opening gates that create a welcoming vibe. You can also add some optional flower boxes and shutters to your purchase to improve the look of the playhouse.

Log cabin playhouses are also a stylish treat for the children, letting them explore on a luxury wooden hideaway with their siblings and friends. They are carefully designed to provide the most amount of entertainment possible, consisting of beautifully crafted doors and some multi-room options.

If you want to upgrade your kids’ physical activity, on the other hand, tower and two-storey playhouses will surely allow them to experience tremendous fun!

Tower designs are some of our best selling playhouses since they can include slides that children enjoy most. This design’s additional floor space can also give you the freedom to include other outdoor toys in your garden, such as a play tent.

Two-storey playhouses, meanwhile, are multi-room structures which allow the kids to have a variety of fun spaces to play in. It gives them a sense of owning a real house with either a living room, kitchen and bedroom.

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