Best Log Cabin Treatment

By | juillet 27, 2020


Best Log Cabin Treatment!

Whether you need an outdoor office or a space to focus your favourite documentaries and movies, log cabins suit your dream garden building. So, give your shed the best log cabin treatment to have its most function for a longer time.

They have been popular because of their traditional and rustic appearance that would easily go even with your modern garden.

However, even if they are versatile to provide your desires, wood protection is much needed to extend the lifespan of your garden shed and come through to any weather condition.

You could make your garden shed to be sturdy and tough in any weather circumstance if you apply suitable wood treatment. Do the treatment before the construction of the building. Therefore, the shed will not experience any damage before the procedure takes place.

Pressure treatment, for example, is a very important wood treatment that could protect the building, make it weatherproof, and extend the lifespan of your log cabin.

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BillyOh Best Log Cabin Treatments:


Best Log Cabin Treatment
Protek Wood Protector 2.5ltr

Staining the wood of your garden building will make it protected from hot weather. Dark stains characteristically provide better protection for your log cabin against the weather because of their pigmentation. On the other hand, lighter-coloured stains could be prone to sunburn.

Moreover, do not forget to do staining with the interior of your outdoor building as the inside can also accumulate moisture.

Meanwhile, staining is considered to be a cheaper log treatment but only provides you with standard quality of protection of your log cabin.

Wood Preservatives

Water could be an enemy of your log cabin that can cause mould and mildew, and well as fungi and insects. As staining provides hot weather protection, wood preservatives are used to give your garden shed the repellency to water.

Therefore, a wood preservative is a must for your wooden shed, that also needs a reapplication every couple of years for continuous protection.

Moreover, same as stain treatment, wood preservative could only give a standard level of protection for your building. But still, applying wood preservative is a treatment you should provide your wooden structure too.

Pressure Treatment

Best Log Cabin Treatment
BillyOh 3.6 metre Pressure Treated Wooden Decking (120mm x 28mm)

Pressure treating your wooden cabin is the ultimate protection you could do to it. It is a great option that BillyOh could give you.

This treatment works by soaking the logs into tanks which are full of chemical preservatives. Professionals are the only ones who could do this penetration of timbers, so it is not something you could do it at your home.

Meanwhile, pressure treated woods can be expensive for others, but this treatment gives a lot of benefits for your wooden cabin.

Finish Coating

Best Log Cabin Treatment
BillyOh Expert Tongue and Groove Pent Workshop

Although, if you do not choose to have pressure treated shed, you have to have finish coating after applying wood preservative or staining.

Finish coat will make your garden shed more water resistant; thus, this finishing will keep it protected from heavy rain. This method will also increase the layer of protection from UV rays.

Despite that, the finish coating should be reapplied every few years to keep it protected.


BillyOh suggests you give the woods the treatment before the construction of a shed. As a result, this will prolong your garden shed lifespan, making it more durable and sturdy against harsh weather conditions.

The treatment you would opt for depends on your needs and budget, so smart in deciding which methods.

Meanwhile, pressure treatment is the best recommended as this gives a shed the ultimate protection; and wood preservative and stains would provide you with a fine amount of protection.

But no matter what your choices are, we can assure you of the excellent quality of products here in BillyOh.

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