BillyOh 4ft Heavy Duty Plastic Folding Outdoor Trestle Picnic Table

By | juin 22, 2020


BillyOh 4ft Heavy Duty Plastic Folding Outdoor Trestle Picnic Table!

This BillyOh 4ft Folding Trestle Table is made out of a weather resistant lightweight construction that is designed to give you a long lasting finish. Therefore making it easy to store. Not only that, the plastic material means keeping the table clean is conveniently easy. This means the table is likely to last many cold winters and hot summers, which some may say, makes this table great value for money!

Furthermore, made from high-density blow moulded plastic with a powder coated steel framework, trestle tables can be easily folded, locked and transported, similar to that of a folding pool table. This is ideal for those likely to be taking the table to a number of places. Simply fold the table legs under the table top, and fold the table in half and you’re good to go. The handle on the side of the table makes for easy carrying. And, although large in size, 4ft folding tables are lightweight.

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