7 Top Plant Picks For Kids Who Want To Start Gardening

By | avril 20, 2020


7 Top Plant Picks For Kids Who Want To Start Gardening!

Gardening is a great activity for adults. Likewise, it is an equally beneficial pursuit for your little ones!

Research shows that spending time outdoors not only creates a significant impact on your kids’ health but also encourages them to develop more patience and a sense of responsibility.

Getting kids into gardening is one of the best ways to make children spend time outside. It unleashes their creativity, makes them love nature more and decreases the time they spend in front of a screen.

Experts at BillyOh recognises the benefits of growing plants and cultivating a garden to both the grownups and the children. Despite this, some plants are just too hard to propagate, especially for the kids. Some plants can even be harmful, so keep yourself informed.

If you want to discover some little green fingers in your home, here are Billy Oh’s top plant picks that is perfect for young gardeners.

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Cress is the most well-known child-friendly plant because it can grow anywhere and anytime! You can grow it with the kids on a window sill or at an indoor pot all year round.

Cress can survive in cold and shady areas so you can still make kids plant indoors during the winter. It only requires regular hydration and minimal sunlight throughout the developing process, and it will surely cultivate rapidly.

A little effort on this friendly herb will reward you with tasty salads and sandwiches that will boost the immune system!



The carrot plant is one of the very few vegetables that can thrive under mismanagement or neglect. In cultivating this herb, all you need is plenty of space in your yard.

Carrots’ seeds can be sown directly into the garden soil in spring, summer and fall. Since children love the experience of digging up, it is best to trench this plant deeply into the dirt.

It is also essential to turn over the soil at a reasonable depth since the carrots need it loose to send down their roots unobstructed. After the time of harvest, you can eat them in a multitude of healthy ways — raw, cooked or steamed!

Here are ten more edible plants you can plant.



Aside from its alluring scent, the lavender plant is known for its resilience in warm temperatures and even drought. It’s best to sow the seeds during the spring season as the soil is warming up.

Lavenders typically reach a height of 1-3 feet, so its best to plant them 2-3 feet apart. Aside from surviving warm temperatures, this plant is also known to thrive in any poor or moderately fertile soil.

Since lavenders remain fragrant when dry, kids can also use them in their projects such as potpourri-making! Here are some other plants you can use for potpourri.



Marigolds are highly adaptable — they delight in hot weather as well as grow fine in dry or moist soil. They are also extremely durable, so these flowers are a common sight in British gardens.

Once planted, marigolds need minimal care — they do not even require fertiliser! Growing this plant with your kids would be a great delight since they also bloom colourful flowers when mature.



Primroses come in a large genus of more than 400 species. They are mostly low-growing and are available in a wide variety of colours.

This flower is an excellent plant for kids to grow because they develop under varied conditions — from wet to dry and sun to shade. Primroses are also not prone to any diseases, so they do not require round the clock maintenance. Which makes it perfect to plant in and around your kid’s playhouse.



If your kids love to see quick results in growing plants, sunflowers would be a perfect choice! They are known for their fast-growing qualities and develop a height of 8-12 feet in only around six months.

Aside from this, sunflowers are also not too fussy when it comes to the quality of dirt. They thrive in slightly acidic to somewhat alkaline soil and grows best when drenched in sunlight.

Plant sunflowers in early spring to see them bloom perfectly in the summer!



This plant can grow at literally any time of the year. If kids love their fruit juices with a touch of minty taste, you can grow this plant and take advantage of its leaves after.

Mint plant commonly grows up to 1-2 feet tall in well-drained moist soil with partial shade. It’s also best to grow mint in a container instead of outside since they tend to spread at an alarming rate in open space.

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